A dental autoclave serves as a crucial machine for ensuring proper sanitation of dental equipment after each use. It employs high-pressure temperature and steam to effectively eliminate debris and bacteria, ensuring highly efficient and safe sterilization of instruments.

What is it?

The dental autoclave functions as a steam sterilizer by utilizing a vacuum pump to eliminate air/steam mixtures from the chamber before the sterilization cycle commences.

Precautions We Take:

  1. Autoclave – Steam Sterilizer: All instruments capable of withstanding high heat are autoclaved, effectively killing infectious bacteria and viruses. Handpieces (commonly referred to as “drills”) and burs (“drill bits”) are autoclaved after each use.

  2. One-Time Use Items: Many items are designed for single use and are disposed of after each patient. This includes syringes and saliva ejectors, ensuring maximum hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.

  3. Disposable Gloves and Masks: We prioritize the prevention of disease transmission between our patients and us, as well as among patients within our clinic. Hence, we strictly adhere to using disposable gloves and masks, ensuring they are never reused on multiple patients.

  4. Surface Decontamination and Barriers: Our stringent hygiene protocols involve disinfecting all surfaces, such as countertops, dental chairs, lights, handles, and more, with specialized chemical solutions. This effectively eliminates infectious bacteria, spores, and viruses.

  5. Eye Protection: To safeguard against contamination and potential injuries, our dental professionals wear protective glasses. These glasses are equipped with magnification lenses, providing enhanced fiber optic lighting. Additionally, during procedures, we utilize microscopes to magnify teeth, allowing for conservative tooth preparation. As an additional safety measure, we also provide our patients with protective safety glasses.

By implementing these comprehensive sterilization practices and stringent hygiene measures, we prioritize the safety, well-being, and optimal oral health of our patients.

Introducing Dental Vibe: Revolutionizing Patient Comfort during Dental Injections

Dental Vibe presents an innovative patient comfort system that significantly reduces the discomfort associated with injecting local anesthesia into hard and soft tissues.

Designed to resemble a vibrating toothbrush, Dental Vibe is a compact, cordless, rechargeable handheld device, weighing only three ounces. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and optimal patient experience.

The key feature of Dental Vibe is its ability to provide gentle vibrations precisely at the injection site, effectively overwhelming the nerve responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain.

Say Goodbye to Needle Pain in Dentistry

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Our Approach

Providing the finest pieces of dental treatments is our primary approach, with a broad smile and the most minor inconveniences possible.

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Convenient scheduling

Be it on a call or a physical appointment, the choice of getting flawless dental health is yours!

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In-house specialists

Handling any kind of dental issue? Piece of cake with our elite team of dental professionals.

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25+ Years of Experience

Experience speaks, and shows the results for itself, which is the hallmark of Brite Smiles Dental!

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Perfect Smile, Excellence Defined

Brite Smiles Dental specializes in handling several dental procedures, including the Smile Makeover techniques.

Understanding the patient’s concern and delivering the appropriate treatment to bring back the lost smile & confidence is our strong forte.

  • Over a two-decade period of experience in fabulous dental treatments.
  • Following Sterilization Safety Protocols for a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Individualized Dental Care, provides the best possible treatment options.
  • Cutting Edge Technology in Dental Equipment to stay with current treatment trends.

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"Sushma madam is highly professional and considerate. My family got treated for diverse aspects like braces ,wisdom teeth removal and construction of a teeth bridge. All of those treatments were entirely painless and they all are extremely happy. We are extremely satisfied with the hospitality and the equipment. Thank you very much and you really made our smiles bright!!"
"Dr. Sushma is one of the best dentists I have came across. She handled my case very sensitively & I am smiling happily now. Thanks Dr. Sushma"
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"Dr. Sushma is an excellent dentist. She took time to explain every procedure she was doing. She listens to the patient and takes care with great attention. Thank you Doctor."

Sterilization Safety Protocol

We Provide 5 step Sterilization

  • Hand Sanitization
  • Fumigation of clinic on regular basis
  • Sterilizing the Dental chair after each patient.
  • Autoclaving Instruments.
  • Double Sterilisation in UV chamber by keeping instruments in sealed Pouches.
AutoClave Sterilization
UV Sterilization
RVG &Intra Oral Camera
Disinfection of all Surfaces
Best In-Class Technology
COVID-19 Precaution PPE Kit