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Dental Braces

Our dentists employ dental braces in orthodontic therapy for several reasons. One of their most prevalent uses, however, is in the repair of crooked teeth or a faulty “bite”.

Using a brace to rectify misaligned teeth and eliminate tooth crooking as well as extra space between teeth frequently leads to improved oral health. 

  • Realigned teeth and gums are simpler to clean
  • The likelihood of diseases such as dental decay, gingivitis, and even tooth loss is decreased.

Types of Dental Braces

Depending on the necessity and severity of the misaligned teeth, the types of braces used by Brite Smiles Dental differ from person to person. This also includes personal interests and other factors. Nowadays, there are five basic types of braces available:

  • Braces made of metal
  • Braces made of ceramic
  • Braces that bind themselves
  • Linguistic braces
  • Invisalign and other clear aligners

The price range and the applicability also differ from type to type hence a personal consultation with Brite Smiles Dental will help you finalize which brace fits you better.

Benefits of Dental Braces

Setting up your misaligned teeth to them blossom into a beautiful smile is what Brite Smiles Dental desires. Dental braces help us achieve the same and carry several benefits.

  • Impeccable Facial Appearance Enhancement
  • More accessible to brush straight teeth than crooked teeth
  • Less potential for Gum Disease & Tooth decay to occur
  • Setting up your bite, and removing possibility of Dental injuries
  • Helps with Speech, Ingestion, and Digestion of food, etc.

Never shy away from using Dental braces, if you require one. Brite Smiles Dental will provide you with the optimal solution to correcting your overall dental structure & let you regain your lost perfection in bite, structure, and lastly, your smile.

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